I Applied Online to Chamberlain College of Nursing…. What’s Next_ _ Chamberlain University

I Applied Online to Chamberlain College of Nursing…. What’s Next_ _ Chamberlain University

I Applied Online to Chamberlain College of Nursing…. What’s Next?

This post is intended to aid applicants to Chamberlain’s RN to Essaywriter testimonials BSN option and graduate programs. Are you considering Chamberlain’s BSN or ADN degree programs? Find your answers here.

Congratulations on taking that first step towards advancing your education with Chamberlain College of Nursing’s post-licensure programs!  If you haven’t spoken with an admissions representative yet, you should expect a call soon to complete an admissions interview. Once you have completed your admissions interview, you will be connected with a member of the online student services team, who can help you develop a financial plan to reach your goal of earning a higher degree.

What about my transcripts?

The great part about Chamberlain College of Nursing is that we help you get your transcripts to us.  Your admissions representative will be sending you a Transcript Request Form for each of the educational institutions you have previously attended.  Make sure to fill them out, sign and send them back to your representative right away.  Your representative will then order and follow up with your transcripts for you, so that you don’t have to take the time out of your day to do it yourself.  Once your transcripts arrive, your admissions representative will submit them to the registrar for a transcript evaluation.

How will I get the results of my transcript evaluation?

The registrar will complete your transcript evaluation based on the admissions requirements for your program of interest.  Once complete, it will be sent back to your admissions representative, who will call you to share with you the results.

I was accepted! What happens next?

Congratulations on being accepted into Chamberlain College of Nursing!  During your conversation about your transcript evaluation, your admissions representative will make recommendations on what courses to start with at Chamberlain based on your transcript evaluation and the financial plan you completed with online student services. (By this point, you should have these steps completed.)  Your representative will then send you the final registration documents that you need to enroll at Chamberlain.

I completed my registration paperwork and all my finance paperwork, now what?

Great!  Your admissions representative will now submit your registration to the registrar so you can start school on time.  Once your registration has been completed by the registrar, your representative will send you several emails.  The emails will outline your log-in credentials, how to order your textbooks (if necessary), information on the new student online orientation and other information you may need to get ready for starting school.

My classes start today … what should I expect?

Don’t worry, your admissions representative is still here to help you!  You may want to set up an appointment with your representative to review expectations for your first day. Your admissions representative will give you a call to see if you are getting around your courses successfully.

At Chamberlain, you will have many people supporting you on your way to graduation.  Your student services team will be reaching out to you soon, and your professors are always willing to provide additional help.

Congratulations on beginning this educational journey!

Ready to take the next step in your nursing career? Talk to an admissions representative at 855.294.7205!

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